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The Market Will Regulate Itself

7" Vinyl

Outer Sleeve

Inner Sleeve

The past few years of British politics have been characterised by privatisation, deregulation of the market, austerity policies and competitiveness. These are only some of the defining characteristics of the neoliberal ideology through which policies have been implemented and continue to rule the political landscape of both sides of the Atlantic. Neoliberal policies have shaped not only the way we live but also our society and environments. As a way of encapsulating the ideological change brought about by this ideology and its repercussions on our system, I created a sound piece mixing recorded sounds titled ‘The Market Will Regulate Itself’ as a social commentary on our current system.

Bricks + Mortar

Visual Identity

Exhibiton Curation

A4 Foldable invite

A3 Guide

A0 Sign

In 1919, the Government created the Addison Act, a move that made individual housing needs a national responsibility and aimed to provide good quality housing for working people. 100 years on in 2019 the state of our housing is not only a national crisis, but a national scandal. Our government is failing to provide affordable housing for everyone, property prices and rents are inflating and an acute housing shortage and lack of investment has led to the increased displacement of citizens and a sense of loss of community. Bristol is particularly affected. The Bricks and Mortar exhibition was set up to display and engage the public with the work of 3rd year UWE students. These outcomes were designed in the format of site specific mega graphics which were all installed in the city at the same time on Monday 11th November and then exhibited at the Vestibules in College Green.

C.E.O.s * - Community Evolution Optimists

Editorial Design

125 x 176 mm

Climate Evolution Optimists is a collaborative end of year publication project based around the theme of Solastalgia, climate-based media narratives and speculative climate-focused scenarios. The process of producing the book involved creatively and inclusively exploring climate futures in the year 2050, using methods of speculative, critical & participatory design. Speculating on daily life in Bristol, 2050, through the lens of current climate projections, the C.E.O.s* seek to engage those groups disenfranchised by current media platforms, to think differently and to engage in community focused conversations, debates and action around climate issues. Website: